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"Reminiscent of Tom Waits one minute, Papa Mali the next, Carver's intelligent, humorous Americana, Gulf Coast rhythms, and poetry are anything but run of the mill." Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Self-proclaimed music for grownups, Carver's songs and poems of arty backgrounds result in alternately serious, humorous, and always delightful outcomes. Musically, he lands between the introspective prettiness of Austin's Erin Ivey and the off-kilter jazz of Tom Waits. He borrows disarmingly from the Flemish poet Wannes Van de Velde for 'The Bunkers'." Austin Chronicle

"Carver's music is suited to a small club where people sit down for a good drink, a good cry and good music." CMJ New Music Report

"The intelligence and virtuosity sneak up on you like a hit of acid." PopMatters

"...playful, even jaunty at Lyle Lovett on Quaaludes" Austin Chronicle

"...a bunch of beautiful songs. A beautiful CD!" OOR Magazine, Holland

The Music

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Small Art

$10.00 USD

Now Available!

This is for grown-ups. Twelve thoughtful songs and poems that deal with serious subjects while frequently subverting the mood with humor, and humor with mood.

The Modern Agriculture

$5.00 USD

Intelligence and Virtuosity

Soft jazz to hard rock to classic country to bubble gum pop to urban blues to world rhythms and everywhere in between with a surplus of instrumental chops and fresh, surrealistic lyrics. The intelligence and virtuosity sneak up on you like a hit of acid before transforming the world in front into an entirely different place.

God The Mother

$10.00 USD

A Love Letter...

Leonard Cohen meets Lou Reed at Muddy Water’s house. God The Mother has been described as a richly textured aural landscape. Carver considers it a love letter to people who can cry while they cook.

Blues Von Der Erde

$10.00 USD

Blues From The Earth

This is the music of no fixed address. It's still out there, lurking in the weeded asphalt of America. A place where a boilermaker with your fish-fry is not out of the question.

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